In The Studio With Vindata

LA-based electronic r&b duo Vindata have returned with their next highly-anticipated album single, ‘One Time’ in collaboration with Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Kaydence. The Monstercat release showcases the trios’ talents with stand out vocals and a super catchy drop melody. ‘One Time’ will apart on Vindata’s debut album With Opened Eyes, coming June 4th.

LA-based duo Branden Ratcliff and Jared Poythress started out producing hip-hop and R&B tracks before becoming infatuated with electronic music after hearing Justice’s debut album. During the early 2010s, they refined their sound, moving away from hard, buzzing dance tracks and heading toward a more contemplative downtempo sound, with rich, sensuous melodies and heavily detailed production.

Vindata join us for our In The Studio feature, delving into the range of aspects of their studio. From what studio monitors they use to their DAW program of choice, all is explored below.


We basically have two setups. We have our home studio setup, where we start most of our rough ideas. Then we have our main recording setup at LemonTree Studios, where we actually track vocals and do our final mixdowns. We’ve been collecting small pieces here and there for the last ten years. Most of our songs were produced on our simple home setup, including “All I Really Need”, Fat Joe’s “Heartbreak”, and “Good 4 Me”. We produced “Better” and “Favor” at LemonTree.


Our favorite DAW has been Ableton for some time now. But we track all our vocals in Pro-Tools. Back in the day, we experimented with Reason, Logic, Acid Pro, and FL Studio but found the workflow with Ableton more convenient. Our favorite plugins are Fabfilter Pro-L, Izotope Ozone, Retro RC-20, and SoundToys Little AlterBoy.


We’ve been using the Yamaha HS5 Monitors for years. They’re versatile and give you a pretty good bang for your buck. For final mixdowns, we use Barefoot MicroMain27 monitors. We don’t really use high-end production headphones. We usually keep it simple with our ATH-M50x headphones. 


Right now, we pretty much only use hardware midi devices like our Ableton Push(s), Arturia MiniLab, and Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol. But, we plan on adding a Prophet ’08 synth to the rig.


We always keep incense burning during our sessions. The rich smell usually helps puts us in a creative flow state.

Listen to Vindata & Kaydence’s ‘One Time’ below or Stream/Download.




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