It Turns Out Drake is No Substitute for Frank Ocean

On November 11th, attendees at Tyler, The Creator’s annual festival, Camp Flog Gnaw were expecting a special guest that was booked for the event. Many people had been assuming the guest would be Frank Ocean, a good friend of Tyler.

However their disappointment couldn’t be more apparent when Drake got booed off stage twenty minutes before his scheduled end time. These events transpired after Drake asked the crowd if they wanted him to keep going and the response he got was a resounding “NO.” In a Instagram Live video capture that has been circulating around Twitter, you can hear the crowd chant, “We Want Frank” after essentially pushing Drake off the state.

Sitting at over 40 million monthly listeners, there’s no denying that Drake has a passionate fan base, but the overlap between the fans of Tyler and Drake was smaller than initially anticipated.

In a Twitter storm this morning, Tyler, The Creator ranted about his “tone deaf” decision to book Drake as a special guest but defended his reasoning while lambasting the attendees’ response. He even went so far as to change his bio to “embarrassed by fans right now.”

For a festival that highlights those on the fringe, having someone so “mainstream” hit the wrong chords with fans who were looking to support those who aren’t always supported. While the others on the lineup are behemoths in their own right, many felt that Drake was just too out of touch with the true meaning of the festival.




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