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John Summit & Hayla Stun With Latest Collaboration ‘Shiver’

Global dance phenomenon and genre-bending artist John Summit returns, teaming up once again with UK’s rising star Hayla for their highly anticipated second collaboration, “Shiver,” released on Experts Only.

Their electrifying new track seamlessly weaves Summit’s signature production diversity with Hayla’s powerful vocals and emotionally charged songwriting. The result is a surefire hit, destined to resonate with listeners worldwide and ignite dance floors everywhere.

Summit’s and Hayla’s 2023 collaboration “Where You Are” was a global hit and huge moment for both artists: peaking at #8 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Chart, and reaching #1 on the US Dance radio chart. Now, the dynamic duo is back together once again for their 2024 follow up “Shiver”, setting the bar high for what’s to come in dance music this year.

“Last year, Hayla and I had one of the biggest dance records of the year with “Where You Are”,  so we knew we had to follow it up and it was much easier said than done. It took about 9 months start to finish to get this record done, but damn it was worth it. This might be my favorite record to date — definitely the most emotion I put behind a song.” – John Summit

Shiver is all about that moment when you finally start to feel your emotions again and feel alive”, says Hayla. “Being with that one person, or with a group of people that make you want to live in that moment forever. That feeling we all experience – the tingle or the spark through your whole body. The line ‘Can you feel it now’ is almost a self reflection and realization that this moment is exactly what you needed.” – Hayla