Just A Gent Goes Harder With ‘AUTOPILOT’ EP

Australian artist Just A Gent opts for a harder take on his sound with his newest body of work, the AUTOPILOT EP. COVID and the lockdown that ensued has not slowed down Just A Gent as he releases his 10th original so far this year.

From the heavy trap beats of ‘ELEMENT 13‘ to the bass fuelled single ‘AUTOPILOT’, the Australian producer has pushed a newfound aspect to his sound and has embraced it to its full potential in the build up to his EP release. Just A Gent continues to show us all why he is regarded as one of the most versatile artists out right now.

The EP is certainly not for everyone, including a sub section of his own fans. However, it will be sure to gain his new admirers as he steps deeper into the harder electronic sounds.

Discussing the inspiration behind his brand new EP ‘Autopilot’, Just A Gent says: ‘’This EP was about challenging myself creatively to create something new and trying not to overthink every little change I made. I switched off autopilot and tried to live and create in the moment without second guessing myself. These tracks are some of the heaviest and darkest I have ever released and I think that just reflects how this year has had us all feeling and me using my music as an outlet to express those emotions. I hope you enjoy and I’ll see you all soon”




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