Keanu Silva and Dea Magna Ignite Dance Floors with Empowering Single ‘Tonight’

Keanu Silva and rising star Dea Magna unleash a sonic revolution with their latest dance pop single, “Tonight”. Released on June 23rd across all digital streaming platforms, this collaborative marvel boasts an irresistible dance floor allure, ingeniously blending melodic techno with pop-infused vocals. Signed under Virgin Records, Silva’s successful history of collaborations shines through this track, brilliantly merging underground resonance with festival-scale energy.

“Tonight” is an electrifying symphony, the profound bass and captivating lyrics providing a unique soundtrack to the pursuit of dreams and personal growth. Silva describes it as an enlivening anthem for all dance floors, but it’s much more than that. It encapsulates empowerment and inspiration, a testament to the undeniable talent of Dea Magna, the multi-skilled Los Angeles-based DJ, producer, and singer/songwriter.

This track is a powerful fusion, expected to make significant ripples in the electronic dance music scene. Keanu Silva and Dea Magna’s “Tonight” transforms sound into an upbeat, empowering, and fun-loving experience. It echoes with an optimism that makes you want to chase your dreams and embrace the journey of self-discovery.




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