Kyle Watson Leaves His Mark On Mau5trap With “Late Night Phone Call”

A multifaceted South African-born producer now living in the UK, Kyle Watson‘s craft has turned heads worldwide. From small underground dance floors to multi-thousand attended festivals, the chance of hearing a Watson record is always high. Taking his talents to deadmau5’ esteemed hau5trap label, Watson debuts his “Late Night Phone Call.”

Kyle Watson is house music at its true unadulterated best. After releasing on world-renowned labels including Realm, Higher Ground, Atlantic Records, and more, Watson now takes to hau5trap for the release of his ripping “Late Night Phone Call.” Oscillating percussive elements and a classic sample of a ringing cell phone catapult the track into its fervent “Hello? Can you hear me?” before an enrapturing onslaught of intoxicating house grooves.“I worked on ‘Late Night Phone Call’ for ages, tweaking it over and over to get it to this point,” explains Watson on his debut hau5trap release. “I wanted to keep it really simple, with a groove and drums that had to be strong enough to pull the track energy along. The sense of anticipation in the buildups contrasts really well with the drops, so when that bassline pops back in after that memorable vocal sample it just seems to hit right every time.”




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