Synth Quartet Ladytron Drops Groovy Single ‘City Of Angels’

Formed in Liverpool in 1999, Ladytron is one of the biggest names in the British electronic scene. This band seamlessly blends components of electropop, synth-pop, and electronic rock to forge a completely unique style of music. The group embraces a wide spectrum of cultural influences in their work, consisting of Helen Marie from Scotland, Daniel Hunt out of Brazil, Reuben Wu who now lives in Chicago, and Mira Aroyo based in London.

Sharing one of the main sources of Ladytron’s creativity, Mira explains, “in a way Ladytron has always operated like a jigsaw and that’s what has always made it easier to bring in fresh ideas. We look for like-minded souls to collaborate with too – getting on and coming from a similar mindset, sharing a similar kind of subversive attitude and humor is as important as bringing in a specific sound.” Adding to this innovative approach, Ladytron utilizes multiple synthesizers, live instruments like guitar, and tantalizing vocals throughout their production and performances.

Embodying their progressive nature toward sound design, Ladytron is back with their new single “City Of Angels”. This track is an exciting preview of their upcoming LP Time’s Arrow, which will mark the band’s seventh studio album. Guided by its interstellar soundscapes, hypnotic analog synths, and heavenly chimes, “City Of Angels” is an auditory phenomenon that takes listeners on a reality-bending adventure. The electro-pop anthem is Ladytron’s first release since their last album in 2019, jumpstarting their monumental return.




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