LISTEN: Burko Shares Mesmerizing “Can’t Stay Here” EP

The up-and-coming Burko has been gaining strong momentum since 2020 with the release of his debut EP, “Put Me In A Trance.” Since then, Burko has been collaborating with other electronic artists and releasing his own music as he continues to establish his style as an artist. Making a name for himself in the southern California house music scene since 2020 when he began releasing tracks featuring his Medieval House sound that’s unique for its dark, heavy beats. Yet, Burko’s future as a musician is far from dark.

The promising DJ/Producer has arrived on There Is A Light Records for an eccentric 2-track EP titled “Can’t Stay Here.” “Can’t Stay Here” is the first tune on the EP. With its rhythmic beats and lovely female vocals, the 5-minute tune is a progressive masterpiece that is sure to enchant listeners into the night. “Reflection,” a 7-minute hypnotic dance song that begins with an ethereal melody before gradually developing to a higher-energy sound, is coupled with the tune.





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