Lolo Zouaï Shows Off Realities of Stardom With “Money Diamonds Roses”

Globetrotting Singer-Songwriter Lolo Zouaï made a serious impact with her 2019 debut album “High Highs To Low Lows”, which produced a variety of stunning offerings including the title track and songs such as Caffeine, Moi and Desert Rose. Now the New York-based talent has returned with her first new single “Money Diamonds Roses”.

Coming off the back end of a worldwide headlining tour, the songwriting sensation Zouaï using the new single to reflect on how her life has changed since finding the spotlight. It’s an often unexplored topic for most artists who only like to show off the other side. For Zouaï however, it’s an element she’s featured through High Highs to Low Lows. Soft sultry strings and chilled melodies on “Money Diamonds Roses” accompanied by honest and piercing lyrics, make it one worthy of the repeat button.

The tantalising low-key anthem is among three new tracks to feature on the deluxe edition of Zouaï’s High Highs to Low Lows which is due out December 13. Speaking on it’s release, “After a year of touring the world, photoshoots, interviews – the glamour of it all. Nothing compares to the love I feel from my supporters and the relationships in my life. Shining like glitter but it isn’t golden.”





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