Lost Frequencies Officially Reveals ‘All Stand Together’ Album After Huge Anticipation

Belgian music sensation Lost Frequencies is now crowning an exceptional year with the release of his third artist album, All Stand Together. Known for his mesmerizing live performances and chart-topping hits, Lost Frequencies has evolved into a household name in the global music scene. His journey, marked by sold-out arena tours and performances at prestigious festivals like Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, and Creamfields, has now led him to a pivotal moment in his career with this latest album.

The album is a blend of feel-good electronics and pop, featuring 11 extraordinary tracks. The album includes collaborations with a mix of new and familiar artists, creating a rich tapestry of sounds that Lost Frequencies is renowned for. Fans will recognize the international hit “#1 Where Are You Now” with Calum Scott, and the recent solo release “The Feeling”. The album also features collaborations with Netsky, James Arthur, Tom Gregory, and others, highlighting the artist’s versatile musical range.

This album showcases Lost Frequencies’ artistic growth, encompassing a variety of genres from uplifting house and tropical vibes to folk, acoustic, and deep vocal performances, culminating in dancefloor anthems. All Stand Together is not just a collection of tracks but a musical journey, encapsulating the essence of Lost Frequencies’ sound. It’s a snapshot of his career’s high points, reflecting both his musical diversity and his ability to create emotionally resonant and danceable music. With this now out, Lost Frequencies is set to reinforce his status as a multi-platinum maestro in the music industry.




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