Lubelski drops Ultra-Groovy ‘Lost My Senses’ via DIRTYBIRD

The man with the golden touch for prickly swaths of underground sound waves has returned to CULTR. Lubelski has been one of my favorite artists over the last 6 months, which has seen him release heaps of mind-melting tunes, all from the intersection of modern House and the inventive underground stylings. Those releases include his debut album, The Universal Groove, released on his own label Percomaniacs, and four EPs via tastemaker imprints elrow, Club Bad, Deeperfect, and Gruuv. Astonishingly and in a strange twist of fate, all of these releases came during the on-going COVID-19 lockdowns. It’s as if Lubelski knew we needed to groove and answered the call to keep our heads-a-rocking in our own living rooms. Today, he returns with his fifth EP “Lost My Senses”, dropped by the ultimate-vibe purveyor, Claude VonStroke’s DIRTYBIRD.

The two-part EP is nothing short of groove-tastic and is quite honestly fresh and enthralling. It does retain the typical DIRTYBIRD qualities of quirk and funk, yet it quite obviously has that ingenious quality that all of Lubelski’s works have. The titular track, “Lost My Senses” kicks things off with frenzied whimsy. It sets the scene with a sticky, thumping beat made of hi-hats and a Roland-909 that gets the body swaying and the juices flowing. From there, he layers modular-created sounds that hit the ears with intrigue and hypnotic tentacles that latch to the inner workings of the brain; once there, you’re stuck in the groove and you won’t leave it until the entire EP is finished.

Lubelski follows-up “Lost My Senses” with the even funkier and spacier, “Broken Motor”, and it is incredible. He ups the bass to a thicker realm with deeper, more pentatrive bite and adds a little extra spice of experimental sounds as he increases the level of wildness from his modular-programming. What takes shape is a trippy record that sends listeners on a voyage through a sonic playground of ticklish sounds, rambunctious beats, and the meatiest of grooves. It’s the ultimate dance record for those that like to get lost in a moment of sound and feel simply good.

He also provided us a little bit more insight into his work and had this to say:

A lot of my early influences in music come from my parents and grandma. My dad was always a huge classic rock head, showing me acts like Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, etc. My mom listened to a lot of soulful and pop music like Alicia Keys, Outkast, and Sadé. It was my grandma who really got me into dance music, she showed me Moby and Fatboy Slim.

From there I really started diving into electronic music, discovering Gorillaz, Faithless, Daft Punk, and Massive Attack.

Some of the earliest songs I can remember listening to that got my attention were Gorillaz’ Clint Eastwood, Led Zeppelin’s The Rain Song, and Sadé’s Paradise.

I feel that this wide range of influence was the source of my need to be eclectic with my music.

The eccentric nature of Lubelski’s sound illuminates listeners with a glowing warmth on “Lost My Senses”. The two-part EP is spectacular and highlights the impressive talents of an artist who doesn’t confine himself to the mainstream and is comfortable experimenting and unleashing imaginative sounds that cater to a more underground crowd. Utilizing his own modular rig, he has created an ultimate-groove that anyone will get lost in. Just sit back, hit play, and let the playful funk envelope you.

To stream “Lost My Senses”, continue scrolling or follow the link here to choose your DSP of choice. You can also take a stroll further into Lubelski’s vibe and influences by checking out his playlist here or check it out below.




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