Martin Garrix Played A Secret Set At Tomorrowland

This weekend at Tomorrowland, Martin Garrix played 3 sets. His ‘Martin Garrix’ set to close off the Mainstage on Sunday and another Martin Garrix set to close off his STMPD stage on Saturday. Lastly, he played a Ytram set on Saturday as well. Ytram is another of Martin Garrix’s aliases. Ytram has a more dark tone with a lot of bass house and generally harder music, something that people would not come to expect from a normal Garrix set. This seems to only be Martin’s 3rd proper set as Ytram. 

This is not Martin’s only alias, he also makes music under GRX and Area21. Therefore having 4 different production persona’s. You can see parts of Ytram’s set embedded below. 




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