[EDIT] Martin Garrix Shares Avicii Tattoo

Edit: We have since come to know that the tattoo is in fact not Martin Garrix, it is a fellow producer who actually co-produced his latest track. 

Martin Garrix has just revealed a tattoo in dedication to his good friend, the late Avicii. Posted on his Instagram story yesterday, it’s no surprise that Martin would find a permanent way to remember his good friend Avicii.

The tattoo is a mix of Avicii’s signature logo and his trademark hand gesture that was a staple in almost every track he played in his sets. The iconic hand movement is something that made Avicii very special. The way he played the piano with his fingers to the melodies of his music really expressed Avicii’s passion for music and became a feature in his performances.  It’s not the first Avicii tattoo that a fellow artist has had done, Kygo recently got one inked onto his wrist.





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