Mateo Drops Heavenly New Single “Light In The Night”

With releases on labels such as Spectrum Recordings, Get The Sound, Storm Music and We Unite, 17 year old talent Mateo is shaping up as one of the most exciting up-and-comers within melodic dance music. Having amassed over 2.5 million collective streams on his catalog on Spotify, Mateo is crafting a stunning blend of pop and house genres, while receiving support form massive names within the industry such as Brooks and Showtek, as well as additions on the biggest playlists on Apple Music. 

Now, Mateo is back with his 6th original single this year, unleashing yet another heavenly vibe with “Light In The Night.” As in every release, Mateo knows how to layer synths with organic instruments and lace them with bright ear candy, and that’s exactly what he does on “Light In The Night.” Starting off with smooth guitar melodies and a catchy vocal, the song moves from radio-ready vibes to infectious drops. 

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