Meduza and James Hype’s Call: Phones Down, Vibes Up at Our House

In the iconic nightlife scenes of London, Ibiza, and Milan, technology’s relentless march is posing an intriguing quandary for live music and club enthusiasts. Our House – the powerhouse collective comprised of Meduza and James Hype – stands at the vanguard of this movement, challenging the modern trend of incessant smartphone filming at music venues and festivals.

At its core, house music embodies an emotional connection between artists and their audiences. Yet, this bond risks dissolution when a sea of phones replaces the sea of eyes. Rather than enjoying the present moment, dancing, and immersing oneself in the pulsating rhythms, many are engrossed in capturing digital memories. While smartphones have revolutionized our connectivity, Our House underscores several concerns that challenge the integrity of live music events:

  1. An Eroded Connection: The pervasive need to record can rob attendees of the visceral joy of living in the moment, as they prioritize digital capture over dancing, social interactions, and music.
  2. Invasion of Privacy: Non-consensual filming could violate the privacy of fellow attendees, jeopardizing the inclusive sanctity of these venues.
  3. The Artist’s Dilemma: For musicians, it’s disconcerting to serenade smartphones rather than genuine faces, weakening the potent connection integral to house music.
  4. Emphasizing Quality: Discouraging continual filming can cultivate an environment where experiences are treasured over digital tokens.

To revitalize the authentic spirit of live events, Our House is pioneering an initiative:

  • They champion Awareness Campaigns during their shows, educating attendees on the repercussions of over-filming.
  • An Event Policy on phone usage accentuates being present. The allure? Immersive experiences, bolstered by official event documentation to relive the moments later.
  • Community Support is pivotal. Enlisting artists and ravers, they aim to foster a culture that champions shared moments over digital captures.

This transformative journey kicks off with three marquee shows: Our House ADE on 20th October 2023, followed by back-to-back sensations at Our House Radius Chicago on 30th December and Our House Echostage Chicago on 31st December 2023. As we herald a new era of club culture, Our House’s clarion call beckons us to embrace the genuine magic of live music.




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