Moyka Unveils Stunning Synth-Driven Sophomore ‘Spaces EP’

Young Norwegian one-woman army Moyka may just be beginning to embark on her musical career, but the merit in her latest ‘Spaces EP’ is nothing short of stellar. In this short but sweet record, Moyka (real name Monika Engeseth) explores the fantastical realm of synth-driven pop with brilliant sound design and introspective lyrics, all of her own creation.

A student of the technicalities of music production, Moyka combines her expansive acumen of production with her nimble and intimate songwriting on the five tunes that make up the ‘Spaces EP’. Flaunting enchanting and ethereal synthscapes while catching a perfect balance between electronic and organic, Moyka crafts a record that is both pleasing to the ear and captivating to the mind.

The opening singles ‘Spaces’ and ‘Backwards’ discuss the difficulty of moving on, with the EP going full circle in its closing ‘Violet’, describing the feeling of acceptance. “It’s just emotion,” remarks Moyka. She couldn’t be closer to the truth; the ‘Spaces EP’ creates an evocative, “mystical universe” that one is simply compelled to journey through.





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