MUZZ Builds On Drum & Bass With Debut Album ‘The Promised Land’

10 years on from his first release and MUZZs debut album The Promised Land has delivered. Comprised of 11 records, the LP presents some of the best drumstep going around.

MUZZ takes drum & bass to the next level with the album, expanding and adding to the genre. The album is set in a futuristic sonic landscape, contrasting moods of darkness and euphoria; light and dark; heavy and subtle. At its core lies his trademark high-octane drum & bass epics, but this record sees MUZZ take his sonic palette and adapt it brilliantly to a range of tempos, rhythms and song structures. With a clutch of carefully-picked vocal guests providing strong songwriting and powerful performances, it’s a very complete and mature piece of work and is painstakingly structured to take the listener on a rollercoaster of emotions. Elements of rock, pop, dubstep, hip-hop and classical are woven throughout, making for an album where there’s never a dull moment; particularly when it’s all filtered through MUZZ’s pristine, hard-hitting production style.

“I wrote “The Promised Land” ultimately as a defining body of work where people can hone in on my musical style, my passion for deep storytelling and my diverse range of musical influences”, MUZZ says. “This album is my expansion from being recognised as just a drum & bass act — even though I was never about that from day one — as 5 of the 11 tracks are other genres and tempos. However, none of the drum & bass tracks on ‘The Promised Land’ are traditional; I’d describe every track on the album as being a hybrid of many genres, influences and styles.”





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