Rising Duo Forester Share 13-Track Sophomore LP: “A Range Of Light”

Rising indie-electronic band Forester are back with their knack for crafting catchy, chill-electronic beats. With an aptitude for blending acoustic instrumentation with electronic and organic elements, the duo continue to amass a loyal following over Spotify and now have just rereleased their biggest project yet: sophomore album “A Range Of Light”. 

Spanning over 13 stunning tracks, the record encompasses mellow and dreamlike productions with highlights such as “Big Sur,” “4am Philosophy,” and the previously-released single “We Found Home” featuring Kwesi. Additionally, Forester delivers a plethora of tasteful new tracks, moving from sultry, luscious numbers like “Falling Fire,” “Islands” and title track: “A Range Of Light” to synth-charged anthems like “All My Days” and “Providence.” Furthermore, smooth vocal lines and mesmeric melodies drive the album into ethereal territory, fulfilling Forester’s intent to ‘create a state of warmth for the listener.’

“A Range of Light, referring to the mountains of Northern California where most of the album was written, is a vibrant collection of stories turned to sound. The name also refers to the wide “range” of life experiences that shaped these songs. Strung together, the album tracks tell a story of being humbled by hardship and rising from the ashes to see life through a more beautiful lense.” – Forester on the album




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