Mysterious Countdown Appears On Tomorrowland’s Website

Tomorrowland’s website now as a new landing page, one that showcases a countdown that finishes in just over 3 days. There has been no other information revealed at this time. The backdrop of the countdown is space themed, which Tomorrowland have not really delved into previously – which may indicat an entirely new project.

With Tomorrowland cancelling their flagship event as well the their French Winter iteration, the question is – what is at the end of the countdown? It may be an event announcement, outside of their Belgium and France events. It would make sense to hold more events in 2021 in order to make back the losses that came with 2020.

Tomorrowland have been holding frequent live sets and mixes, so this countdown may tie into that. Their United Through Music sessions just ended this week, so the next phase may be incoming. A livestream taking place during the original weekend of Tomorrowland 2020 would make sense, following in the footsteps of others such as what EDC did.

You can view the countdown for yourself at countdown.tomorrowland.com. Be sure to come back to CULTR to see what happens when the countdown finishes…

The countdown has now finished, please check for an updated article.




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