Needs No Sleep Releases Two New Tech-House Bangers in Latest EP


Australian producer Needs No Sleep’s latest release, an EP featuring two massive tech house tracks, is the latest to come out of well known house label “This Ain’t Bristol”.  Both tracks, “Lambo” and “Not My Question” stand out from the crowd, each with their own unique spin on the tech house sound.  The first track, “Lambo”, starts off as a bare-bones drum beat, but quickly evolves into a club-ready banger, with the addition of deep, gritty baselines and unique rhythmic elements.  The second track, “Not My Question”, relies heavily on atmospheric instruments and a distorted vocal sample to fuel the breaks.  In the drops, the track erupts into a beast; massive brass stabs and thumping drums take front and center. 

In just the few weeks since the EP’s release, it’s already seen massive success, charting at number four on the Beatport tech house chart.  Additionally, the EP’s been praised by top  industry tastemakers like Data Transmission and Insomniac.  Having already had his previous tracks supported by top DJs like Martin Garrix and Oliver Heldens, Needs No Sleep shows no signs of slowing down.  His latest release, an EP featuring “Lambo” and “Not My Question”, is sure to be a favorite among tech house fans. 

Stream “Lambo” and “Not My Question”: