Axwell /\ Ingrosso “Dancing Alone” Feat. Romans

Axwell / Ingrosso have been very quiet on the release front, but that’s all changed with the release of “Dancing Alone” featuring Romans. A track which they have been teasing out in their live sets over the past 6 months regularly. Stepping away from their usual pre-hype they’ve announced this one with less than 24 hours before it dropped.

The cover art is an interesting choice featuring an old picture of Paris Hilton  but “Dancing Alone” is a unique track, with trance like synths, commercial vocals with a club friendly drop. It’s an all round quality production and as with many of Axwell / Ingrosso’s previous releases, this is sure to make its way onto dancefloors across the globe. Romans’ smooth vocals and catchy writing will definitely play a vital part in this record’s success. 




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