Nicky Romero Drops New Track ‘Desire’ with TELYKAST & Linney Ahead of ‘Nightvision’ EP Release

For those of us steeped in electronic music’s rich history, Nicky Romero’s name is synonymous with those euphoric moments on dance floors. From anthems like “Legacy” to “I Could Be The One,” Romero carved a niche for himself in the annals of electronic music. Fast forward to today, and he’s showing us an entirely different side with his upcoming EP, Nightvision. The third track, “Desire,” in collaboration with TELYKAST and Linney, is the harbinger of this transformation.

But let’s step back and talk about Romero’s journey. He’s never been content resting on his laurels. After achieving mainstream success, he founded Protocol Recordings, proving his commitment to both the business and creative facets of the industry. This venture became a haven for groundbreaking tracks and innovative sounds, reinforcing Romero’s status not just as a producer but a visionary.

“Desire” is a manifestation of Romero’s exploration into the deeper and darker terrains of electronic music. Partnering with TELYKAST – who’ve remixed for a formidable list of artists – and Linney, whose vocals have graced popular TV shows, this track has all the makings of an underground club anthem.

With Nightvision EP set to drop on December 1st, it’s evident that Romero is redefining his sound and stance in the electronic music sphere. The man who once made us jump with vibrant releases is now making us groove to sultry, enigmatic sounds. And as history has shown us, every pivot in electronic music’s evolution brings forth new legends. Nicky Romero seems primed to be one of them, yet again.




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