GRiZ Unveils Massive 22-Track 7th Studio Album Titled ‘Rainbow Brain’

GRiZ has dropped the full monty fans have been waiting for in Rainbow Brain, his 7th studio album. After teasing the title track “Rainbow Brain,” featuring ProbCause and Chrishira Perrier, and plenty of rumors circling about regarding when the album would drop and what it would contain before that, the moment is here. Featuring an unbelievable 22-tracks, there’s something for everyone to experience on this epic monster of an LP.

As expected, GRiZ showers the album with plenty of bass, funk, and saxophone. Across the many songs, there’s not much that runs together as well as no underlying feeling that the tracks feel too similar. Originality, distinction, and just an all around righteous vibe permeates as the experience flows from track to track.

Grant aka GRiZ has gone on record to share that Rainbow Brain is about “letting go into the technicolor world of psychedelia.” The thought is well said and there’s an unescapable aura that he nailed this theme all things considered.

The studio albums simply wouldn’t feel complete without the shows that go with them, there’s a bunch of events upcoming where you can catch him live, including a massive Labor Day event at Red Rocks.




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