Nitro Fun’s “Chase Me” Showcases Producer’s Skills and LINNEY’s Emotive Vocals

Nitro Fun has just released a brand new single that is set to take the electronic music scene by storm. “Chase Me” is a melodic house track featuring the stunning vocal performance of LINNEY, and is sure to be a hit among fans of Nitro Fun’s unique sound.

With “Chase Me,” Nitro Fun continues to showcase his skills as a producer, masterfully blending elements of melodic house with an infectious, feel-good vibe. The addition of LINNEY’s emotive vocals adds another layer of depth to the track, making it a standout release in the electronic music landscape. This is a track that is sure to get audiences up and dancing, and it is poised to be one of the hottest releases of the year.

“The inspiration behind this track was a combination of rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution and modern rave sounds. I would spend so much time (and money) playing these games since I was like 5 years old that I had to make a tribute eventually! Working with Linney was very natural because she has similar inspirations. The first and only take of vocals that she sent was what ended up being used in the final version.” – Nitro Fun

“Honestly, I’ve been really into Fortnite recently and when I first heard the track, it made me think of something I’d want to listen to while I was racing around the map. So I wanted to write lyrics & melody that embraced that narrative. I hit record and “chase me, Romeo” was the first thing I sang into the mic. I liked the idea of telling someone, “okay, you wanna play games? – let’s go! But you’ll have to catch me first.” – LINNEY

Nitro Fun’s unique brand identity, combining his passions for music and gaming, has helped him build a solid and dedicated fan base. He has been making waves in the electronic music scene for years now, and with “Chase Me,” he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in dance music.

“Chase Me” is a must-listen for electronic music fans everywhere. Nitro Fun’s latest release is a testament to his continued growth as a producer and his ability to craft music that is both innovative and highly enjoyable.




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