Noelle Pulls At The Heartstrings With “Hope You’re Happy”

Building on the overwhelming response to her new music, today breakout popstar noelle has released “Hope You’re Happy,” the final single ahead of the release of her upcoming album, coming early next year.  An empowering anthem for anyone who has walked away from a relationship that they knew just wasn’t right for them, the track’s upbeat melody puts noelle’s bold vocals on full display. “Hope You’re Happy” is available to stream everywhere now. 

“’Hope You’re Happy’ was a really unique song for me to write. I’m so passionate about creating sad ballads about love but I wanted this one to be more powerful for the listener. We’ve all been faced with the situation of seeing someone we loved with a new person and while we want to take the high road, sometimes vengeance is the real emotion that stirs within us.” – noelle

Written by noelle, Joel Stouffer, Geoff Warburton and Nathan Ferraro, “Hope You’re Happy” is one of the few songs on the upcoming album that came together outside of noelle’s bedroom. Gathering at a studio in Toronto, this group of talented songwriters came together to create a track that flips the script on the typical sad break-up song narrative.

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