YIFY Zhang Provides Sense Of Optimism With Pop-Laced Hybrid ‘This Is The Year’

YIFY Zhang, renowned for her cinematic-electronic style, is shaking things up in 2024 with her latest single, “This is the Year.” Stepping into the pop scene, YIFY adds a fresh twist to her musical journey, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Originating from Beijing, YIFY’s musical roots trace back to her childhood when she first began playing the violin at age 5. After a spinal injury redirected her path, she found her true calling in composing and songwriting, blending electronic film music, classic singer-songwriter elements, and sound healing frequencies.

Vents Magazine has praised YIFY’s music for its raw and lush qualities, transcending typical genre labels. Her emotional and captivating performances have won hearts, bridging the emotional and spiritual worlds through her music.

“This is the Year” is a new adventure for YIFY. It’s a mix of pop anthems and her signature cinematic sound, born out of a period of self-reflection and commitment to staying true to herself. The track is all about honoring personal needs and resisting the urge to conform to others’ expectations.

YIFY’s goal with “This is the Year” is simple yet profound – to inspire listeners to be true to themselves and chase their dreams. The song’s energizing and cathartic vibe is a rallying cry, urging everyone to live in harmony with their deepest wishes.

In YIFY’s words, “Dreams are meant to be realized, and the process begins with a simple declaration that you will try.”




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