Noisia Release Final Album ‘Closer’, Including Skrillex Collab

Today, legendary electronic producer trio Noisia release their final music work before they breakup. Closer is a splendid collection of songs that showcase the talent to comes with a project spanning two decades.

In September 2019, Noisia aka Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen, and Thijs de Vlieger announced that the group would split at the end of 2020; the final chapter in a hugely successful 20 year career that saw Noisia break new ground for drum & bass, and become one of the most respected outfits in electronic music (see career timeline). However, following the covid-19 pandemic they postponed the ‘end of Noisia’ until summer 2022 to allow them to say goodbye to as many of their Dutch and international fans as possible. The final curtain will be at Lowlands on 21 August – their ninth performance at the festival.

The extended lifespan of Noisia due to covid, and the continuing evolution of their studio in their hometown of Groningen, led to the idea of a third and final act, an artist album worthy of the Dutchmans’ canon, and a swansong that would seal their place in electronic music history. The result is ‘Closer’. The 20-strong tracklist, 11 new songs and 9 previously released tracks, include collaborations with some of their closest friends, from Skrillex to Black Sun Empire, and Former to The Upbeats. Testament to Nik, Martijn, and Thijs’ desire to add to their legacy, Closer is a thrilling snapshot of where the band might have gone were they to continue beyond this summer, and gives their fans access to some hidden gems that have remained in the band’s vaults until now.

Closer drops the day before tomorrow’s long-awaited Noisia Invites Livestream from Melkweg, Amsterdam on 13 May. The final Noisia Invites show ever, this sold-out show that will be streamed worldwide via from 00:00 CET and features DJ sets from Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Phace, Halogenix, Icicle, and Fre4knc. 

Alongside the release of Closer, Noisia have also revealed that later this summer they’ll be releasing further instalments in the Resonance series featuring remixes by the best and brightest of their extensive back catalogue, and a software-based project.

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