Nosphere’s Latest Dubstep Offerings ‘STRIDENT’ Hits Hard

In the heart of Budapest, Hungary, a 26-year-old dubstep virtuoso named David Gal is making waves in the electronic music industry. Armed with a profound passion for music and a strong background in sound engineering, David Gal has swiftly risen to prominence in the dubstep world, gaining recognition from labels like Disciple, Never Say Die, Subsidia, Cyclops Recordings, and many more.

David’s journey into the world of dubstep began in earnest in early 2019 when he released his first tracks. His unique approach to sound engineering allowed him to translate his musical ideas into reality rapidly, forging a signature sound that resonates with fans worldwide. This innovation and creativity have been key drivers behind his rapid ascent in the electronic music scene.

One significant turning point in David Gal’s career came when he joined the Nextlevel crew. This affiliation opened doors to him performing alongside his idols and sharing the stage with some of the biggest stars in the industry, including Virtual Riot, Marauda, Svdden Death, and many more. These experiences have not only honed his skills but also provided a platform for him to showcase his talent on a global scale. A defining moment in David’s journey arrived when the legendary Skrillex played one of his edits of the track “SCATTA.” Skrillex, an icon in the dubstep genre, had a pivotal role in David’s early days as an artist. This recognition from one of his inspirations marked a full circle moment and solidified David Gal’s place in the dubstep realm.

Nosphere’s latest release is the banging new production ‘STRIDENT’. Released via Front Door; the Hungarian talent showcases his production prowess and aptitude for dubstep and bass-based works. Based on previous tracks as well as his latest bomb ‘STRIDENT’, Nosphere is certainly one to watch.

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