Odd Mob Drops Mesmerising New Single ‘Bad Moon’

After announcing his debut album almost a year ago, Brisbane producer Odd Mob has just released his newest single together with Kameron Alexander.

‘Bad Moon’ lands on Odd Mob’s own imprint Tinted and is a impressive bouncy house production. It’s another example of Odd Mob’s awesome unique sound, whilst this one differs from his previous discography – it’s just as good. Contrasting clean pop elements with glitchy production, the track successfully curates a captivating soundscape.

It’s not everyday we are gifted with a Odd Mob original, he released only one in 2019 and just one in 2018 also. Hopefully 2020 is a new page for the artist with more music!

Discussing how the song was shaped with newly learnt production techniques, Odd Mob explains, “‘Bad Moon’ really represents the evolution of my music. The lush spacey elements were made to really take you to another place. The track has a lot of elements that I have only just learned how to create over the past year. The whole imagery of the song could best be described as dancing under a full moon on a brightly lit night”. 

The profound anatomy behind the lyrics prove Kameron’s songwriting talents, by drawing parallels between the struggle to escape feelings and the moon. Kameron reflects, “I’ve always felt like the moon has a great deal to do with every form that the creative process may take. This song is about a waxing and waning relationship that’s experiencing difficult daily circumstances. Circumstances are simply difficult sometimes, in these moments, seeing things eye-to-eye may feel impossible, but with a little will power (“supercharged” from the moon’s energy perhaps in this case) one can power through the rough until the next moon cycle.”




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