Oolacile Debuts New Imprint with Compilation Featuring Svdden Death, Leotrix and More

Oolacile is looking to shake the bass music realm with the commencement of his new label Halcyon. After a slew of mysterious tweets back in mid-August, it seems the project is finally seeing the light of day. With ambitions of bringing rise to the emerging genre of Future Riddim, the label has just launched their first compilation Halcyon Sound Vol 1, featuring Svdden Death, Leotrix, Akeos, Phonon, Voltra, I7, BVSSIC, Cripplingg, and Oolacile himself.

Halcyon is a non-exclusive label that aims to pride itself on its musical catalog rather than developing a roster of artists from within. The imprint has vouched to let artists have full creative freedom over their releases while offering them tools to bring their visions to life. As of now, Halcyon is primarily focusing on developing the sound of Future Riddim, but not limiting themselves to other sounds and styles. Halcyon is intended to be a platform that promotes all forms of cutting-edge bass music.

Oolacile says that he wants to promote the music that excites him and told us, “I hope that the music that I release here resonates with other people. The whole purpose is to provide a platform for next-level music. If I can turn people on to the music that brings me joy, then I will have done my job well.” 


Gaby Lara
Gaby Lara
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