Oolacile Debuts New Label Halcyon With 8-Track Compilation

An undisputed Riddim pioneer, Oolacile has established himself as a fierce name within the bass music community with his relentless sound design and innovative skills. Releasing under top industry labels such as SMOG, Never Say Die, and Disciple as well as garnering support from bass music legends 12th Planet, Kill the Noise, Flux Pavilion and more, Oolacile has built a massive platform, and is now ready to announce his new label, Halcyon. 

Aiming to push bass music farther than it ever has been before, Oolacile has joined forces with the founder of renowned Riddim label Bewildered Productions to launch Halcyon, and is doing that by dropping a debut label compilation with Halcyon Sound Vol 1. Spanning over 8 bass-heavy tracks, the compilation features massive names as well as hot up-and-comers, with Svdden Death, Leotrix, Akeos, Phonon, Voltra, I7, BVSSIC, Crippling all providing tasteful bass gems, on top of a stunning Oolacile original. 




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