Orang Utan And Dimitri Vegas Present Enchanting Edit Of New Single ‘Sugarmama’

Debuting their project in 2021 with the viral single “Who’s Your Love”, German duo Orang Utan has been red hot within the music industry. Part of Orang Utan’s success stems from their groundbreaking production style, which merges components of progressive house and indie together. With their sound design as an X factor, the talented pair also bring a sense of mystery to the table. In every performance and music video, they keep their identities hidden by wearing primate masks.

Furthering their mission to spread the influence of EDM, Orang Utan’s newest release, “Sugarmama”, is a breath of fresh air for the electronic scene. Gaining support from one of the all-time greatest performers, Dimitri Vegas has flipped the song into an edit that is just as mesmerizing as the original. This dance anthem begins with a captivating bassline that draws the full attention of its audience. As uplifting vocal chops are introduced into the mix, they are accompanied by tantalizing sequences of piano and crisp-sounding drums.

“Sugarmama” is simply a preview of what’s to come for Orang Utan. In just two years, they have already collected over three million streams of their auditory sensations. With “Who’s Your Love” being dropped on the figurehead label of Ultra Records, the infectious track received syncs on Netflix shows and FIFA 2022. On top of their production expertise, Orang Utan has demonstrated their craft in DJing on a global scale. Based on bangers like “Sugarmama”, the sky is the limit for this rising duo.




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