Paul van Dyk and Jordan Gill Team Up On Techno/Progressive Hybrid ‘Voltage’

In the buzzing world of electronic music, some collaborations just hit different, making waves across dance floors worldwide. One such track is ‘Voltage,’ the electrifying brainchild of electronic music maestro Paul van Dyk and the fresh talent, Jordan Gill. Available across all major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Beatport, this single is all set to light up the scene with its unique blend of techno and progressive house vibes.

“Voltage” is a clear showcase of both artists’ skills, blending different musical styles into one seamless and unforgettable auditory ride. This track, a shiny new addition to the VANDIT Alternative catalog, is all about intricate layers and detailed sonic textures, standing out in a genre bursting with variety.

The atmosphere of the track is immersive, with dark undertones and a pulsating rhythm that’s reminiscent of a hot wire. These elements come together to take listeners on a compelling sonic journey, inviting them to get lost in the electrifying world that “Voltage” introduces.

Paul van Dyk’s seasoned touch is evident throughout, his years in the industry and signature sound adding a layer of depth and sophistication to the mix. The luminary shared his excitement, saying, “Working with Jordan Gill on ‘Voltage’ has been an electrifying experience in itself. We aimed to create a track that would shock and awe, delivering an unforgettable sonic journey for our fans.”

On the flip side, Jordan Gill brings a breath of fresh air with his innovative approach and contemporary production chops. Gill was equally enthusiastic, adding, “It’s an honor to work with Paul van Dyk on this project. ‘Voltage’ is all about the fusion of our musical worlds, and we’re buzzing to see how it vibes with the audience.”

To wrap it up, “Voltage” by Paul van Dyk and Jordan Gill isn’t just a track; it’s an experience – a showcasing to the transformative power of electronic music. With its raw energy and intricate soundscapes, it’s poised to be a standout release, setting dance floors ablaze and captivating listeners around the globe.




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