Pihka Is My Name Impresses With The Release Of Highly-Anticipated ‘Caller Unknown’ Album

From the chilly vibes of Finland, the electric resonance of Pihka Is My Name enchants global audiences. The electronic duo—talented composer-pianist Henna Helasvuo and deft producer-sound designer Lasse Turunen—creates an audial aura woven with analogue synthesizers, mesmerizing piano motifs, and rich drum machines.

Caller Unknown, their newly released album, is a showcasing of their innovative artistry. Delving into synth-infused sounds characterized by invigorating drum arrangements, cascading rhythms, and a multitude of electronic features, this album solidifies their stature as rising stars. Yet, the journey began in March 2021, when they unveiled Everything Is In Between to thunderous applause, swiftly followed by the enthralling Dance Forbidden EP in collaboration with Taiwan’s Mettāsonic label.

The band’s essence lies deeper than just music. Pihka, a fictional character and an erstwhile imaginary friend, stands as their muse. With Pihka Is My Name, the audience steps into a surreal audiovisual universe, viewing life through this unique companion’s lens.

Live on stage, the duo blends their signature sound with captivating visuals and improvised transitions, ensuring each composition weaves effortlessly into the next. Caller Unknown isn’t just an album; it’s an invitation into the innovative world of Pihka Is My Name.

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