Pihka Is My Name Boasts ‘Exponential Potential’ In Fast-Paced Electronic-Infused Single

The world of techno and electronic remains an ever-evolving landscape of innovation. This September, the sonic horizon expands further with the release of “Exponential Potential” by Pihka Is My Name. This synth-laden track seamlessly melds the eclectic beat of disco with the pulsating vibe of drum and bass, resulting in a composition that feels as if it belongs within the ethereal setting of a fantastical video game.

Hailing from Finland, the electronic duo of Pihka Is My Name presents a distinctive blend of analogue synthesizers, captivating piano motifs, and layered drum machines. At its core, we find the talented composer-pianist Henna Helasvuo alongside the adept producer-sound designer Lasse Turunen. Together, they forge an enchanting musical collaboration that encapsulates listeners within a mesmerizing audiovisual realm. The essence of their creations is Pihka, an imaginative friend that once was, guiding audiences to view the world from a fresh perspective.

Their track “Exponential Potential” is described by the duo as a harmonic interplay between DIY synth sound designs and the iconic Zelda series, specifically the “Breath of the Wild” installment. The organic feel of the track is heightened by the piano hook, inspired by Manaka Kataoka’s themes, and recorded on an acoustic piano by Henna.

Having graced the music industry with their debut album Everything Is In Between in 2021 and the Dance Forbidden EP a year later in collaboration with Taiwan’s Mettāsonic label, they are now gearing up for their sophomore album Caller Unknown. It’s evident that their momentum is unstoppable.

The essence of Pihka Is My Name goes beyond the studio. Live, they astound with dynamic vigor and mesmerizing visuals. Their improvisations allow a fluid transition between compositions, promising a transcendent musical journey.

In the words of the band, “Exponential Potential” sprung from societal expectations for eternal growth. This is mirrored in the band’s trajectory as they carve out their niche, exploring infinite musical realms and the exponential potential within.




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