Porter Robinson Celebrates His Birthday With Anamanaguchi’s ‘Get Your Wish’ Remix

Porter Robinson is kicking off the Nature project again after a little break the past few months. Being his 28th birthday today, there was no better day to re-ignite the project and that was done with Anamanaguchi’s ‘Get Your Wish’ remix.

Anamanaguchi, who previously remixed Porter Robinson’s song ‘Sad Machine’, return for another round with their version of Robinson’s ‘Get Your Wish’. The New York City electronic four-piece hit the nail on the head by flipping the track into a blistering bitpop beast.

The remix follows the release of the original track ‘Get Your Wish’ as well as ‘Something Comforting’, both set to be included in his Nuture album coming hopefully not too far into the future.

Many saw the image posted by Porter as an indication that we’d see ‘Look At The Sky’ today, but now it seems that track is a little far off. With Anamanaguchi’s remix kicking things back off for the Nature project, hopefully we see an album release date and a possible new single soon!

Happy Birthday Porter!




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