SLUMBERJACK & Sydnee Carter Team Up For Another Victory With ‘Poison’

SLUMBERJACK team up with fellow Perth artist Sydnee Carter for their newest and second single with Sweat It Out ‘Poison’. Having already worked with Sydnee Carter on their hit ‘Afraid, Unafriad’, we know that their team ups result in gold and ‘Poison’ is no different.

With a proven winning formula, the new single ‘Poison’ is the perfect progression for the threesome, highlighting the evolution in their respective art, and complementing each other yet again in such balanced synchronicity. The dark undertones of the record was an unusual change of pace for Sydnee Carter who explains “With this track I was totally inspired by writing something different, the vibe of the song was quite dark and coincidentally at that time I was binge watching the TV series ‘Supernatural’. I found being involved in writing something outside of my comfort zone very exciting and we were all stoked with the end result.” The duo’s production shines through, having cultivated a moody soundscape by building tension throughout, whilst embracing the raw and compelling vocal delivery from Sydnee, all culminating in what is guaranteed to be a crowd favourite.

Discussing the new sound for the project, SLUMBERJACK share “It’s been a long time since we’ve felt this in tune with a track – it represents everything we’ve been working towards as musicians over the years. Sonically it’s the first time we really felt like we nailed what we call jokingly in the studio the “hi-def” sound. It’s supposed to feel like a pleasant wind. Musically it’s a step into a new era, bringing with us all the amazing stuff we’ve learnt along the way. And of course the incredible vocals of Sydnee Carter who we knew we had to work with again.”

Thrilled to return to their first live show in Perth following lockdown, SLUMBERJACK played a sold out HBF Stadium for WA Unlocked in July, whilst keeping busy in the online space, hosting their own Distillation Series. SLUMBERJACK have dedicated themselves to their songwriting through isolation, sharing that ‘Poison’ is just the first taste of a stack of new music for the celebrated duo.




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