Rapta Releases Self-Produced Gem “Seasick”

Coming out of Boston, young artist Rapta is definitely one of the hottest up-and-comers in the hip-hop scene right now. The singer and producer started gaining massive traction with his debut album Leo in 2017, as well as his 2019 single “Farewell”, a collaboration with producers Nick Mira and KC Supreme of record label and collective Internet Money. Having built a strong and engaged fanbase that are patiently waiting for each of his releases, Rapta is only going up in 2020, and his latest single “Seasick” proves why. 

Out via 2DEX, “Seasick” is produced by Rapta himself, and perfectly includes everything we love about his music: stunning beats, melodic flows and hard-hitting bass, all interchanging throughout an experimental structure. The single slowly builds up before reaching the climax, where trap-inspired percussion goes crazy, while things are slowed down for the outro, leaving the listener with no choice other than to press replay. 

“Seasick was inspired by my constant flux of emotions due to uncertainty,” explains Rapta. “The title serves as a metaphor for the way the record makes you feel and the way I personally felt in the process of making it. The song breeds a trilogy taking the listener on an experience of ups and downs; there are three entirely different moods and perspectives in each of the parts.”




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