Steve Aoki Fills out Neon Future IV with Maluma for ‘Maldad’

In the 11th single off Steve Aoki’s upcoming album, Neon Future IV, he takes things a bit slower with a Latin touch. In an instrumental with a catchiness rivaling that of ‘Mi Gente’, Aoki and Maluma have created a song that will undoubtedly ripple through the industry and spawn many remixes and bootlegs to capitalize on the hypnotic features of the track. The slower tempo seems primed to be sped up or slowed down to fit any variety of other styles and will surely propel this upcoming album into the spotlight even further. 

Maluma’s voice is currently resonating with almost 25 million monthly listeners on Spotify so it’s no surprise that he delivered top quality in his verses and hooks on “Maldad.” Swapping between melodic choruses and rhythmic breakdowns, it’s clear that Maluma brought his A-game when recording for this track. Listen to “Maldad” now to get in on the first wave before the track blows up!





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