REAPER Taps Segan For “IMY” Remix Off New Remix Album

This summer, Segan released the song “In Your Arms,” which serves as the barometer for the current phase of his career. The futuristic, high-energy song has a strong drum & bass influence and powerful lyrics.

For his most recent remix endeavor, Segan is now focusing on the enigmatic musician REAPER. By pulling influence from the drum & bass genre and creating music that blends break-neck tempos with contemporary dance music components, the two artists demonstrate a desire for shaking up the dance music landscape.

The song “IMY” first debuted on REAPER’s self-titled first album, “DISRUPTOR LP,” which was released earlier in 2022 to a lot of praise in the dance music scene. The most streamed song from the album and a huge fan favorite, “IMY,” emerged rapidly.

For “IMY,” Segan expertly fuses his own snappy, futuristic musical components with vintage drum rhythms to produce a remix that has a rapid pace and is incredibly addicting. Segan’s remix of “IMY” is a positive interpretation that exemplifies the musician’s skill as a musician and collaborator.




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