Remix Radar 037: Featuring Sultan + Shepard, Yotto, and Tiesto

We’re back! I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day and spent it with a special someone. We were also blessed with a new Tame Impala album, which was leaked online previously. I’ve listened to it a few times already and have discovered new and interesting sounds each time. It’s a great record and I suggest everyone gives it at least a listen. In other news, we have a great Remix Radar for you. I have quite a few tracks in this edition that I love and will surely play quite often. The big boys we feature this week are Sultan + Shepard, Yotto, and Tiesto. Enjoy!

Lustral – Everytime (Sultan + Shepard Remix)

British electronic legends, Lustral, released “Everytime” over two decades ago where it became a club hit. Over the years they’ve released a few remixes of the record, but we just got a new one. The newest comes from Sultan + Shepard who spin a lush progressive remix that sends listeners on a synth-y wave.

Joris Voorn – Antigone (Yotto Remix)

The second remix for Joris Voorn’s \\\\ comes from the Finnish mastermind, Yotto. The “Antigone” remix is breathtaking and is truly a remarkable piece of music and rivals the original in emotional connectivity.

Halsey – You should be sad (Tiesto Remix)

Not going to lie this is included because of the star power on the record. Halsey’s smash country-pop single gets the Tiesto remix treatment to continue the promotional campaign.

John K. – if we never met (Sigala Remix)

A gooey melodic remix from Sigala. It’s full of warm and happy textures that melt together to form a playful sound. It works really well as a chill, groovy commercial track.

Casper Cole Ft. Elderbrook – I Want It All (Route 94 Remix)

“I Want It All” has been making quite a few waves. What better way to continue the party than dropping a Route 94 remix. This version is best described as a refined house boogie.

Robosonic & EPMD – For The People (Sonny Fodera Remix)

There are certain tracks that ooze coolness from the click of play. This is one of those tracks.

Kidnap Ft. Leo Stannard – Moments (Ben Böhmer & Nils Hoffmann Remix)

An absolutely stunning remix of “Moments”. It’s so wonderfully constructed it elicits a strong emotional response similar to the first time I heard the original Kidnap version. Great job, Ben Böhmer and Nils Hoffmann.

Armin van Buuren vs. Tempo Giusto – Mr. Navigator (Sevenn Remix)

Typically, I try to avoid featuring remixes of the same track, but when I clicked play on Sevenn’s remix…IT HAD TO BE INCLUDED. Sevenn brings puncturing energy to Mr. Navigator that sends shockwaves through the body.

Georgia – Never Let You Go (Prospa Remix)

Whoever is behind the A&R job for Georgia’s “Never Let You Go” remix pack deserves a pat on the back and a pay raise. Excellent sounds all around. This week’s version is a soaring DnB version from Prospa.

Kraak & Smaak Ft. Satchmode – Don’t Want This to Be Over (Jean Tonique Remix)

The most recent Kraak & Smaak song gets a psychedelic remix from Jean Tonique. It’s such an intoxicating grooviness that can’t help, but bleed into listeners and send them careening through each lick of sound.

Catching Flies – Kite Hill Theme (Freddie Joachim Remix)

Freddie Joachim creates a magical remix of “Kite Hill Theme”. The Catching Flies original transforms from a slow, rumbling, cinematic experimental tune to a mesmerizing blend of electronic, jazz, and funk. Freddie completely flips this into something that radiates warmth.

TCTS Ft. Maya B – Not Ready For Love (Zac Samuel Remix)

Zac Samuel adds an enchanting piano line and some sticky textures to TCTS’s “Not Ready For Love” to bring a new version to life. This one will get stuck in your head and you’ll be singing the chorus for days to come.

Sikdope – Follow (ATRIP Remix)

ATRIP takes a fierce approach on his remix of Sikdope’s “Follow”. The low growl of bass hits just right and with mind-melting effect.


Mercury Rev – Senses On Fire (James Holden Remix)

All the way from 2008 comes the inventive James Holden remix of “Senses On Fire” from Mercury Rev. James warps the track into a nearly 10-minute long tune that bumbles and pops with distorted growls, sharp synths, and entrancing energy. It will transfix the mind as listeners embrace the sonic journey.




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