Remix Radar 046: Featuring Purple Disco Machine, Tom Staar, and Wh0

Welcome back to Remix Radar! I hope everyone is doing well and still staying strong through the on-going Pandemic. Many countries and states set their sights on rolling back some of the restrictions for better or worse. Hopefully, things improve and life can return to a somewhat normal state. This week we have quite a few tasty remixes. There were quite a few remixes from the trance area, which I do feature some. It does make me wonder if we’re going to see a surge in trance from now to 2021. One thing I know is that we’re going to need uplifting, happy vibes, and trance does a fantastic job at creating those feelings. This week I feature Purple Disco Machine, Tom Staar and Wh0, before I switch gears and dive into the Trance remixes. Scroll down for all the fun!

Diplo & SIDEPIECE – On My Mind (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

Purple Disco Machine knows how to get the party started. He serves up an extra helping of disco and funk to transform the Diplo and SIDEPIECE collaboration, “On My Mind”, into an insatiable groove. Personally, I think this remix is one of the best tracks in the Purple Disco Machine arsenal. Hips won’t be able to lie and will move to the beat.

Money Chocolate Ft. Sarah Webb – Keep The Love (Tom Staar Remix)

Tom Staar transforms Money Chocolate’s “Keep The Love” into a primal, ravenous house track that is a complete 180 from the original. Instead of a funky foray, Tom flips this into a tribal experience built on mesmerizing drum patterns, roaring sound design, and the perfect use of Sarah Webb’s vocals. I can’t help, but move my head to the beat.

Milk Bar & Santarini Ft. Antonio Contino – Manhattan (Wh0 Remix)

I really enjoy the original “Manhattan”, but what Wh0 does on the remix is even better. The British duo removes some of the saxophone and dials-up the funk to construct a groovy house tune. It explodes with sound that is unrelenting fun and easy danceable vibes.

Vlossom – Catch Your Breath (LaDonna Remix)

Vlossom is a relatively new collaboration between Nick Littlemore, known for PNAU and Empire Of The Sun, and Alister Wright of Cloud Control. It’s an exciting project to watch unfold over the next months. In the meantime, they’ve blessed us with a remix of “Catch Your Breath”. My favorite of the group is groove-tastic, nu-disco, nu-funk, or whatever you want to call it from LaDonna. Everything about this remix will have listeners rocking and moving to the rhythm.

Galcher Lustwerk – Soul Control (Palms Trax Remix)

As cool as ice, Palms Trax weaves together a vibe that will fit perfectly with a runway show or some other fashion-based event. Palms does provide a bit more to the sound design that it’s easier to get into the sounds and feelings than the Galcher Lustwerk original.

Dennis Kruissen Ft. Drew Love – Falling In Love (Ben Pearce Remix)

Ben Pearce constructs a brilliant remix of “Falling In Love”, the Dennis Kruissen collaboration with Drew Love of THEY. Ben does an amazing job at creating an atmosphere that fits hand-in-hand with the lyrics. There’s a bit of melancholy mixed with hope that swirls inside the production to form a beautiful sonic mosaic.

Gorgon City & DRAMA – Nobody (Sam Girling Remix)

“Nobody” gets an underground house reimaging from Sam Girling. He peels away some of the sharp, pretty synths and adds some experimental flavoring to bring the Gorgon City hit to a new planetary level. Sam also adds emphasis to the voiceover that is simply amazing and fits his remix with perfection. Another excellent remix added to the Gorgon City discography.

London Topaz ft. Blush’ko – Drown (London Topaz 4am Edit)

I love this 4am edit from London Topaz for his “Drown”, which features Blush’ko. London Topaz takes the track to a deeper, darker, and more mysterious level. It’s has a more underground feel that I feel suits “Drown” even better than the original version. Either way, “Drown” and the “4am Edit” are fantastic records that deserve the attention.

Just Us & Eddy & DJ Rae – Someday (Harris & Hurr Remix)

Such a glorious track. Harris & Hurr remix “Someday” from Just Us & Eddy & DJ Rae into something that transports listeners into an imaginative state. Once you’re there, you can feel the confetti falling over you and the see the lights pulsing celebrating the end of a set like you’re at EDC or Coachella.

Piero Pirupa – Braindead (Heroin Kills) (Joseph Edmund Remix)

A month or two ago, I originally raved about the Riton remix of Piero Pirupa’s “Braindead”. Now, we’re getting a spicy, psychedelic remix from Joseph Edmund. It’s perfectly designed for those who enjoy the underground to get lost in a vibe and go on a danceathon journey.

Steve Aoki Ft. Icona Pop – I Love My Friends (Armin van Buuren & AVIAN GRAYS Remix)

Armin van Buuren joins forces with AVIAN GRAY, who has previously worked with Dash Berlin and has a few other high profile remixes, to remix. “I Love My Friends” from Steve Aoki and Icona Pop. Not going to lie, this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s big room, in your face quality will have many of us reminiscing of the explosive EDM days.

Sam Feldt Ft. Sigma & Gia Koka – 2 Hearts (Dash Berlin Remix)

As promised, onto the trance spectacle. Dash Berlin never fails to create a specific set of emotions or feelings in his tracks. For his remix of “2 Hearts”, he captures a spritely uplifting vibe that won’t fail to bring warmth and a smile to those who listen. Moreover, it does conjure nostalgic feelings of the EDM boom and EDC 2012.

Gabriel & Dresden Ft. Sub Teal – Coming On Strong (Myon Return To 95 Mix)

Dave Dresden has been one of the consistent images in the livestreaming space since the pandemic outbreak. If you’re in need of some entertainment, be sure to check them out, there’s even one tonight. Now to the Myon mix of “Coming On Strong”. Myon spins the track into an explosive, yet spacy track. It’s undoubtedly high-octane trance fun, which has made appearances in Gabriel & Dresden live sets prior to the lockdown.

Markus Schulz – Sunrise Over The Bay (Daxson Remix)

We get another remix built on soaring melodies and hypnotic sound design. This time it’s Daxson’s remix of “Sunrise Over The Bay”. Daxson does a great job building a vibe that makes a truly great trance record.

Machinedrum & Holly – Berry Patch (Halogenix Remix)

I’m honestly still surprised that Machinedrum and Holly joined forces to create an EP. I would have never guessed that it would happen, but it did create some cool music so it was worth it. They finally dropped the remix pack for Berry Patch. In it, is the experimental DnB remix from Halogenix. It hits with a dizzying ferocity and mind-tingling sound design. Easily, the most inventive remix of the week.


M.I.K.E – Turn out the lights (Hiver & Hammer Remix)

As I said, it’s trance week. I thought it was fitting to feature the explosive and highly successful Hiver & Hammer remix of “Turn out the lights”. For those of you that are trance fans, I’m positive you will have heard this remix before and most likely, in a live show. In my opinion, this is one of the best pieces of trance music to ever come out. I like the steely, piercing sound design that gives it the ravetastic, sweaty warehouse vibe.

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