Ultra Music Festival’s RESISTANCE Announces Winter Lineup at M2 Including Camelphat, TESTPILOT & Others

This winter, the vibes in Miami are about to get a whole lot cooler, thanks to RESISTANCE Miami’s lineup at M2 Miami. Journey through the chillier months with some of the hottest artists around. After the buzz created during Miami Music Week and Race Week, this series is all set to bring the heat back to the dance floor.

Think of a huge venue, filled with the pulse of techno and house beats. That’s where RESISTANCE Miami is taking us. We’re talking about a place where the music speaks louder than words, where the sounds of Carl Cox and the rhythms of Charlotte de Witte have previously set the stage for unforgettable nights.


Now, let’s dive into what’s really going to make these nights special – the music. Imagine the deep, minimal styles of Richie Hawtin filling the air, creating an atmosphere that’s both intense and mesmerizing. And then there’s TESTPILOT, where deadmau5 takes a deep dive into the world of techno, delivering rhythms that are both dark and compelling.

The lineup this season is all about the diversity (seen below.) From the deep and driving beats of CamelPhat to the dynamic rhythms of HOSH and Maxim Lany, every night promises a new musical adventure. The upcoming talents like Sama’ Abdulhadi and Layton Giordani are bringing fresh and exciting angles to the mix, as well.

As the winter nights roll in, Danny Tenaglia, Joris Voorn, and the legendary SASHA _ JOHN DIGWEED are set to keep the energy high, a hypnotic, entrancing experience simply not to be missed.

In summary, RESISTANCE Miami this winter is about getting lost in the music. It’s about the experiences that make you move, the rhythms that keep you dancing, and the melodies that stay with you long after the night ends.




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