New Alias Rich Furniss Debuts Alongside Apollo XO In ‘I’ll Be There’

Embodying the key traits that makes house music truly pop off, “I’ll Be There,” has now reached the masses in full. New alias Rich Furniss has teamed up alongside rising artist Apollo XO to build together the best parts of both their styles all within one single. The result is an infectious, high energy house tune that is as confidence inducing as it is club-ready.

Measure by measure, the single builds upon itself, the percussion, synth, and effects all coming in and out of play at just the right moments to help give the single and unforgettable edge. As smooth and quick as it began, it ends, leaving the listener desiring more and and most definitely leaving a lasting impact that sticks for the long term.

Rich Furniss has build up his skillset through other projects, formally going the name MopTop and also being apart of the DJ group Passè, he’s been involved in the scene for over 10 years and has even played alongside names like Diplo and Chromeo. Having played at reowned events such as SXSW, Governors Ball, and Odd Ball, Rich Furniss is now capitalizing on his hardwork to ensure this projects soars just as it should.

“I’ll Be There,” can be heard in full below and surely won’t be the last production to come from this brand new alias.




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