Sini & RMA Release Another Monster Track!

Turkish artists Sini & RMA present another brilliant production, having worked previously on records out on many labels, even with a remix on Axtone. Their latest venture ‘Chinese Gambler’, is their debut on New York label Peak Hour Music. 

Chinese Gambler is a mix of fine piano melodies as well as a gritty drop. The drop is clearly the centrepiece of this record, its massive and very bass heavy. With both old and new influences involved, Chinese Gambler is great mash between big room and electro house, something that is not so prominent in the current state of dance music.

Once again, Sini & RMA have demonstrated their ability to be versatile among multiple genres, their catalogues consist of tracks ranging from bass house, to progressive house and now to this big electro house record. Sini & RMA exceed expectations with this track. Don’t forget to catch the release on your selected platform today! Download or stream here.





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