Rockstar Release GTA VI Trailer Early After Leaking

After leaking, Rockstar have released the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI early. The game is set to take place in Vice City, their fictional version of Miami and its surroundings.

It will be released in 2025, however there is no clear date on the cards.

The trailer affirms numerous small details that have gradually surfaced about GTA VI over the past two years. These details include the Vice City setting and the game featuring the series’s inaugural female protagonist with a narrative inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. While the trailer indicates a 2025 release, it does not specify the platforms on which the game will be available.

The unveiling of GTA VI has been marked by a plethora of leaked information. Earlier this year, a UK teenager was identified as the culprit behind last year’s leak, which disseminated 90 videos from the in-development process. Moreover, this week, a TikTok video emerged purporting to contain leaked footage from the game, allegedly originating from a Rockstar employee’s child. As of now, these TikTok videos, showcasing footage of a computer monitor displaying expansive views of the game’s setting, are still accessible on the platform.




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