Sam Allan Drops Arabic-Influenced Single Titled ‘Regressive’ on Gameroom Records

Sam Allan has drops a single that’s more of an adventure to embark on than it is a one-off song to touch and go on. Titled “Regressive,” the single has been signed to none other than Gameroom Records, a fitting home for a song with such a meaningful vibe as this one.

The thumping rhythm, seemingly being pulled from the world of trance, brings forth hypnotic aspect that allows the listener to sink right in. Soon a wide range of drum-work inclusions and exotic string and wind instruments begin filling the air. The drop hits and all the parts come together to make an explosion of energy. At this point, you are won over and the song is in control from this point forward. Small sample details are dabble throughout as a passionate vocal makes it’s way through the speakers. Enchanting and mystical, this single hits all the right pressure points in one go.

Sam Allan is an experienced artist through and through, having ten years of development under his belt, the level of quality he has evolved to is something that’s hard to skip over, gripping you instantaneously with it’s intelligent design.

He’s performed at venues such as Marquee, Lavo, and Schimanski, alongside artists such as Zedd, Kaskade, Eric Prydz, Robin Schulz, and Cash Cash, with strong music and labels more than willing to sign him, he’s building the pillars of success at a fast pace in 2021.

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