Sapphire Adizes’ New Remix Tugs At The Heartstrings Of All Who Listen

Californian producer and singer-songwriter Sapphire Adizes’ striking new remix of Donna Missal’s single “Keep Lying” is a standout track that elevates the heart rate. Missal’s hard hitting and at times roaring vocals combined with the symphonic and experimental textures that Sapphire brings to the mix renders this track an ominous and powerful creation, that tugs at the heartstrings of all who listen.

“This remix is the sound of the argument I lost with the girl I lost. I was frustrated, not with her but with the way we were failing.” – Sapphire Adizes on the inspiration behind the track.

From writing his first sonata at five years old, to joining The Chainsmokers in the studio and working with Berhana to produce and co-write an EP with now over sixty million streams on Spotify at just twenty years of age, Sapphire is no stranger to success. In this latest work, we see him  capture the vulnerability of Missal’s original song and take it’s emotional impact to a new level, through vicious synth stabs, frantic risers and an earsplitting, driving synth bass. 

“I was trying to remix this song and my frustration manifested in the distortion of the bass, and I played that bass back to myself louder and louder, it was the sound of all the words I couldn’t find, and I was too angry to do anything but make it louder.”

Sapphire’s talent comes close to unfathomable, and this new remix is all things aggressive, sophisticated and downright exhilarating.








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