Au5 Transforms Seven Lions’ ‘Call On Me’ Release Into An Incredible Feature

Au5 has put his twist on the Seven Lion’s song “Call On Me.” The single weaves together the style of both talents in a harmonious and fitting way. Both artists do an incredible job at blending in touching/emotional aspects into their productions, often through vocal and synth work – while still maintaining a heavy bass feel all in the same go. This element is featured in this release as well. The drops are vibrant and epic, delivering a sense of existentialism through the experience without drifting too far from what we would expect sonically from both of these talents. Altogether, this single is a winner, would pop off beautifully in a festival set, and is easy to return to time and time again.

Au5 has been in the game for many years and has caught more attention recently through his ‘color bass,’ sound. He and Chime are currently on a tour together in the USA, which has been a smashing success. His catalog of releases is vast and it’s a blast to hear is evolution over time when combing through his discography.

Seven Lions changed the game when he first broke through the bass scene. His approach to melodic bass when he released his Worlds Apart EP in the early 2010’s opened up the door to a new sub-genre of music, influenced hundreds of artists, and impacted millions of listeners. His melancholy sense of musicianship and unique bass style is still in high demand as he continues to tour, produce, collaborate, and be an inspiration.





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