SLANDER Release New Track With Stunning CGI Video

The SLANDER boys are back on their own imprint: Gud Vibrations for ‘Love Is Gone‘ featuring Dylan Matthew, whom they’ve now collaborated with four times.

‘Love Is Gone‘ trades hard-hitting basslines for melodic dubstep vibes and emotive vocals. The talented duo weaves cinematic chords and delicate piano keys with exquisite instrumental melodies through the majority of the track, serving as a backdrop to Matthew‘s raw and emotional vocal performance. In a departure from festival anthems and a testament to SLANDER‘s dynamic abilities as producers, “Love is Gone” is very much a heartbreak track, but one that lifts listeners from the doldrums into the realms of catharsis.

Accompanying the track is its ethereal music video, in which fans can join a lone spaceman on a journey through worlds in search of that one metaphorical star.

Love Is Gone‘ is our biggest endeavor to date. The accompanying video has been in the works for the past 3 years and is comprised entirely of movie level CGI. Just the rendering process took over 3 months to complete. We are thrilled to finally give our fans a glimpse into this new universe we are creating for them, which comprises our new show visuals, this video, and a secret future project. We’ve been tight lipped about all of this until now and we are so happy to finally reveal some pieces to the story. This one has been a long time coming and we can’t wait to slowly reveal what’s next! Shout out to Roboto for absolutely crushing the video and showing us that there really is no limit on human creativity if enough time and effort is laid down. Also we would like to thank our long-time collaborator Dylan Matthew for once again delivering a stellar vocal performance. At this moment, we are the most proud we have ever been of a project, and we hope you guys enjoy the fruits of our labor.” – SLANDER





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